Monday, 7 September 2009

Chocolate Heaven

Oh mint chocolate how I love you and you work perfectly in cupcake form. It has taken me a few attempts to get the right amount of peppermint into the icing. Not so subtle that you can't work out what the taste is and not so - these were perfect and foolishly I didn't measure!

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Really need a decoration that's more mint appropriate. Something green me thinks! Any ideas?

As a request by my colleague, Sophia, I made these dark chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. The vanilla/chocolate balance is just perfect but did I measure and write down the all important figures? Of course not.

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My lesson of the day is to write things down! No more guess work and doing things by eye!


  1. Little green christmas trees would be perfect in december! yummy minty chocolate for christmas... hmmmm.....

  2. Hi lovely!

    Thanks for commenting and yes christmas trees would be fab!

    C xxxx

  3. For some reasson your posts take ages to show up in my blogger following wotsit....cupcakes look fabulous.....silver balls on the mint or is that naff!!!!
    I love the cups you are baking them in...


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