Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Back To School For The Cupcaker

A selection of cupcakes that I have made for my colleagues.

The first two rows are lemon sponge with a yummy lemon glace icing.

Third row is vanilla sponge with a dark chocolate buttercream swirl and super cute gold star.

Lastly we have vanilla sponge and white chocolate buttercream with a little sugar violet.

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I am pleased with how they turned out and certainly had fun making them!


  1. THEY LOOK GORGEOUS!!!Are there any left, hun!!!

    Sharon xx

  2. These look AMAZING!! Sooo jealous... will you one day branch out into wheat/gluten free cupcakes?? If so, can I be your main taster? If not then *sniffles* all I can do is watch and drool lol

  3. Absolutely we will! Have been investigating using almonds instead of flour and of course gluten free flour.


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